love is the purest energy in this universe.
NASA to Explore Solar System’s Mysterious Ice Giants
The icy worlds at the end of our solar system still remain somewhat mysterious to astronomers due to the great distance between Earth and Uranus and Neptune, the seventh and eight planets from the Sun. The NASA spacecraft Voyager 2 conducted flybys of Neptune and Uranus in 1989, and we haven’t been back since.
Could The Universe Be Awake?
In response to the Fermi Paradox, Caleb Scharf, an astrophysicist at Columbia University, has explored the possibility that humanity has yet to find otherworldly intelligent life out in the cosmos due to the fact that the alien intelligence may be the cosmos itself.
This Big Hole in the Sun is Not a Good Thing
While NASA experts (and eye doctors) are warning that the upcoming solar eclipse is not something to look at directly, fortunately some NASA scientists are peering through their smoked glasses at the sun and what they see is ominous at best, apocalyptic at worst.
Half of the Milky Way is From Somewhere Else
If your doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong with you, don’t blame them … blame the universe. A new study found that half of your body, not to mention half of everything around you, comes from a galaxy other than the Milky Way. No wonder we have so many half-assed half-wits pushing half-baked theories full of half-truths and half-cocked schemes. Blame it on the halves from Andromeda.
Asteroid Impact With Earth In 2036 ‘Can’t Be Ruled Out’
We’ve had big asteroid hits in places like Siberia that showed up without warning but fortunately did not do apocalyptic damage. We’ve had other surprise hits that were detected only after they splashed in the ocean.
Mysterious Planet May Be Messing With the Kuiper Belt
If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the history of mass extinctions, rogue asteroids are not good for the planet. That’s why the latest news from the Kuiper asteroid belt is disconcerting at best, apocalyptically frightening at worst.
First Backwards Orbiting Asteroid Confirmed
Would you believe there’s an asteroid in our solar system that orbits the sun in the opposite direction of the planets and nearly all of the rest of the asteroids? Would you believe this wrong-way asteroid shares its orbit with Jupiter and yet has never collided with the planet nor with the other 6,000 asteroids co-orbiting in the same direction as Jupiter?
NASA Testing How to Redirect an Asteroid to Prevent Doomsday
Government agencies are finally taking seriously the threat posed by potential asteroid impacts. Surprise near-miss asteroids, official asteroid preparedness plans, and predictions of future encounters have been in the news with regular occurrence lately, and for good reason.
Delhi government to foot hospital bills of crash, burns and acid victims
NEW DELHI: The Delhi government will bear all hospital expenses of victims of road accidents, burns or acid attacks under a new policy approved on Tuesday by the state cabinet, chaired by chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.
Orphan Planet Acting Mysteriously Like a Star
Do planets have feelings? Can they hear astronomers talking about them … giving them derogatory names like “rogue” … referring to them as orphans, wandering or starless without knowing anything about their history or how they came to be in the non-solar-system state they seem to be in?